Songs in Stone: An Artic Journey Home

Songs in Stone

In Songs in Stone John Houston uses childhood memories as a prism through which to see the history of the times and the fascinating and complex development of Inuit Art over the last half century. A panoply of ‘northern’ and ‘southern’ voices speak of the economic and social circumstances which lead to the birth of the movement to bring Inuit art to the rest of the world. We have an opportunity to meet carvers and printmakers such as Kenojuak Ahsevak, Osuitok Ipeelie, Iyola Kingwatsiaq, Kananginak Pootoogook, Lukta Qiatsuq, and Mannumie Shaqu – all pivotal figures in the development of Inuit Art. Songs in Stone has won a number of prestigious awards and touched the hearts of many.


“John Houston has portrayed Inuit at the point where all the art started to come together. I can see that the spirit of encouragement his parents shared with Inuit is still alive in him today. He has taken a profound approach, not belittling anybody.”

Andrew Qappik – Uqqurmiut Inuit Artists Association

“This lovingly detailed documentary is much like an Inuit carving: the original material had to be carefully shaped and hewn by an artist to find the form within. As it’s shape gets simpler and clearer, it also grows more complex. …Songs in Stone is broad and profound enough to encompass us all.”

Jeff Blyth, director, Cheetah (Disney)

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