New Release – The White Archer

The Houston North Gallery is pleased to present The White Archer, John Houston’s most recent film inspired by a children’s book written by his late father, James Houston.

An Inuit youth trains to become a great archer in hopes of avenging the killing of his family – but the First Nations attackers were punishing a previous Inuit wrongdoing. Who will end the cycle of violence? The White Archer is an Inuit legend inspired the late James Houston’s beloved children’s book. In Canada’s High Arctic hamlet of Pond Inlet, his son John weaves outdoor adventure and local theatre into a story for all ages.

The film, The White Archer, has won both Canadian and International awards. It continues to be broadcast on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN). The White Archer is now available for purchase on DVD through the gallery.

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The Houston North Gallery is proud to be partners with drumsong communications inc, a film, television & digital media production company majority-owned by Nunavut Inuit. The gallery currently carries John Houston’s Award-Winning Arctic Trilogy, including films “Songs in Stone: An Arctic Journey Home”, “Nuliajuk: Mother of the Sea Beasts”, and “Diet of Souls”. The gallery also offers “Kiviuq” and John’s celebration of the life of his late father, “James Houston: The Most Interesting Group of People You’ll Ever Meet”. All six films have won awards both in Canada and internationally. John is frequently engaged to travel to present his films and lecture. Contact the gallery to learn more about how to arrange a film screening and lecture by John Houston.

Songs in Stone
Songs in Stone
Diet of Souls
Diet of Souls
Interesting People
The most Interesting Group of People You’ll Ever Meet

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John Houston enters the film industry as the Coffee Boy on “The White Dawn”

Read about John Houston’s contribution to Canadian Inuit film making.

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