Diet of Souls

Diet of Souls

‘The great peril of our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls.’ So an Inuit shaman summarized the moral danger of being human. A paradox sparks director John Houston and producer Peter d’Entremont’s third Arctic journey: Can animals be spiritual equals and one’s daily bread?


John Houston and Peter d’Entremont cap their splendid Arctic Trilogy with this powerful and haunting meditation on the ancient covenant between Inuit and the animals on whom their survival depends. Diet of Souls captures both the profound spirituality of Canada’s Northern People, and their struggle to preserve a way of living in the world.

Bill Roberts, President and CEO Vision TV

I am one of many Inuit youth with a hole in my spirit, only beginning to understand what is missing. My people once had a rich culture and religion, but I thought that knowledge was long dead – irretrievable. This film has proven me wrong. Some elders do remember, and they are ready to talk. ‘Diet of Souls’ is fascinating and powerful, but also gentle and respectful – and so important to me.

Alethea Arnaquq-Bari

On Location

Diet of Souls was the 2004 Winner of the William F White Cinematography Award at the 24th Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 26. Shot in some of the harshest environment on earth, Diet of Souls was featured in Kodak Entertainment Imaging’s InCamera Magazine.. [pdf link to go here]

Produced with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund, Telefilm Canada: Equity Investment Program, CTF: License Free Program, Star Choice Communications Inc.,The Canadian Independent Film & Video Fund, and the Rogers Documentary Fund.

And with the Assistance/Participation of The Nova Scotia Film Industry Tax Credit and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program (CAVCO) the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation, and the Director’s Guild of Canada. In association with Vision TV, The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, and the Independent Film Channel Canada.

Additional funding / Training Assistance Provided by: Department of Sustainable Development / Government of Nunavut, Kakivak Association / Apqut Training Kitikmet Economic Development Commission, Kivalliq Language Initiative / Department of Canadian Heritage. Archival / Ethnological project administered from Jennifer Ivey Bannock, the Salamander Esther Sarick, Adventure Canada, Erik Haites, the Power Family Foundation, Sam and Diana Antoon, William H. Rose, and Beth Solis.

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