Expert Appraisals

Houston North Gallery is pleased to offer expert appraisals for your Inuit art and Nova Scotia folk art. Whether you have a single piece or a whole collection, it is advisable to have an official appraisal conducted for insurance purposes, especially if you may have works of significant value. If you did have an appraisal done, but it was over ten years ago, it is advisable to have a current appraisal done. In addition to the the current fair market value of each piece, the appraisal will use the signature, if any, plus other indicators to authenticate the work, and then provide some information about the artist. Over the years, John Houston has met many of the great Inuit artists and Nova Scotia folk artists, and he may include a personal recollection here and there. If any pieces are in need of restoration, John will also estimate how the value of your piece might increase if it was restored to its original condition.

Contact us for our fees and other details, either toll free at 1-866-634-8869 or by email at

Qualifications of John Houston as Appraiser

John Houston is Owner and Director of Houston North Gallery, established in 1981 by John and his mother, the late Alma Houston, Inuit art pioneer. Houston North Gallery has specialized in Inuit art and Nova Scotia folk art for thirty-three years. John is also an Inuit culturalist, fluent in Inuktitut, and has over 4,000 Inuit Facebook friends to consult when rapid access to Arctic artists is required. John has completed numerous appraisals for private clients, including the Power family collection/Michigan, the Bibler family collection/Montana, and public institutions, including the Art Gallery of Ontario/Sarick Collection, the Winnipeg Art Gallery/Ian G. Lindsay Collection, L’Université de Moncton/Esther and Isadore Fine Collection, and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Art Restoration and Conservation Services

Expert art restoration and conservation. For more information about restoring your art collection, call toll free in North America: 1-866-634-8869 or email us at

Accepting Consignment of Collections and Individual Works

Once a piece has been appraised, you may wish to consign it to Houston North Gallery.
We will provide you with all the details so you can make an informed decision.

Documenting your Art Collection

We provide a range of photographic services, from basic documentation to fine art photography.
Let us create an illustrated database for you to manage and share your collection!

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